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Mar 14, 2019
Some common questions and their answers.

What is THOPTV?
THOPTV is one of the largest online TV platform with over 2000+ Live TV Channels and Movies and VOD Web Series. Watch Live TV Channels online for free at your convenience on THOPTV.

How to open THOPTV?
Visit in your browser to access THOPTV website. This link will redirect you to latest THOPTV domain even after old domain is blocked. or we will post updated link on THOPTV section on our .

How to download Latest version of THOPTV Application?
Visit in your browser to download THOPTV android app. If this link is giving error in chrome browser use any other browser such as Firefox or UC Browser. or Go to Download section of

How much is subscription fee for using THOPTV?
THOPTV is FREE forever. You dont need to pay any fee to login to THOPTV and watch tv channels.

What are requirements to watch THOPTV on computer?
Currently we give extension support for chrome and firefox browsers only. However you can install THOPTV extension on few other chromium based browsers like opera, yandex etc. All you need to make sure having latest THOPTV extension installed. Follow instructions provided in video on extension page.

What are minimum requirements to install THOPTV android app?
Minimum android version for android app is v4.4 (kit kat).

How to login to THOPTV? Is that necessary?
You can login to THOPTV using social accounts (Google,Facebook and Twitter). This process takes about 30 seconds. At present you don't need to login to THOPTV dashboard to watch THOPTV. However, you need to login to make your favorites channel list.

I am not unable to play any channel on THOPTV. What to do?
There are some restrictions for each source available on THOPTV, And those are mentioned in respective columns of sources. Please check and follow the process.

Which VPN software do you recommend?
We recommend Nord VPN, Express VPN, Touch VPN for Jasmine TV. Any Indian VPN will work for Allium and Thyme and Tulip TV

Lily TV, Sunflower TV and Heather TV are not working for me. but other servers are working.
These above mensioned TV servers need a static IP address. If all other servers working except above mensioned server, then you need to use VPN to get a static IP.

I am not unable to play any channel on THOPTV App. What to do?
Please make sure that you have installed latest version of THOPTV android app. Please click on top-right menu icon and select About Us & Update.

Can you add external player support?
We cannot give options for external players because our streams need special decoding which those players wont support.

I am seeing DRM not supported error on app. How to fix?
You are getting this error because the video codec is not supported on your device. Your need to upgrade your android version to fix this issue.

Video Buffering?
Buffering is always due to Internet Speed, Stability and Connection between You and Source Server. We dont have anything to do with buffering issue. Some TV like Sunflower, Heather needs more bandwidth than Jasmine or Allium. It is expected to buffer on mobile networks even on 4G. We recommend using Broadband Internet

Video Player Error starting with 10?
It is a network error. Please reload the page and wait for few minutes until all channel icons are loaded.

Player Error 24000 in Thyme TV?
This error comes because your system doesnot support the decoder required for these streams.

Jasmine TV - Content Not Available error?
Make sure you are from INDIA or use proper VPN. Make sure your Computer Date and Time is set correctly.

Some channels not working?
This is beacuse the source is offline. It doesnt mean our whole site is down. Jasmine and Allium TV all channels work most time. However, some channels donot work in Other TVs

This website is blocked by DOT or govt.
Visit to go to latest site or use different ISP or watch in android app. We cant change domain every week. or we will post updated link on THOPTV section on our .

Having an issue that is not listed here?
Please post in from Top Menu and type your issue in public chat. Still not solved? Create a new post in . Make you sure u mention your issue clearly, so that other can investigate it easily.

Wanna talk with Us?
Contact us at this mail address [email protected] One of our staff will help you in few hours.
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